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My Ultra Interactive Online Portfolio.

Promotion movie Electric Truck

Electric truck display

Webdesign for bredeweg 23a

Floorplan for bredeweg 23a

Urban Essence manual

Lygolamp packaging & manual

Real estate photography

Wedding name cards & time-table

Brochure & invitation design

Shopbyswop Logo design

E-moss redesign corporate identity

Wedding invitation & RSV-card design

E-moss sign for facade office building

MBA animation for graduation

Studio Mango Brochure Milan

Welcome to my website

Who is Renate? She loves design. Is working as a freelance graphic designer in her own studio for the last 7 years, for a different variety of clients & projects. & Besides that she is a huge Tea-fan. She is always in for a challenge small, big & almost impossible ^_^ So do not hestitate to contact Renate, to start a challenge or to just have a nice cup of tea.

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Sharp Sharp

17th May 2014 by Renate

Take a look at my latest Project: Sharp Sharp.

It’s all about food, cooking & challenges. Food with a spicy edge to it, enjoy! Soon more updates.

Introducing my new blog

22nd May 2013 by Renate

Well exciting news, i am proudly presenting my new blog that i created in the last few months: a Teaspoon of Renate. The reason i started this blog is because i wanted to write about everything in life i love, besides working as a graphic designer.

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Packaging in process

11th January 2013 by Renate

I started working on this packaging project in october 2012, yep long time ago. But today i am waiting for quotes for the packaging, and with this it feels a step closer to the final product.

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