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By Renate

Design for a wedding

On 07, Oct 2012 | No Comments | In news | By Renate

In January 2012 I got a request from a close friend to help her with the design of her wedding invitation.

I felt truly honoured to help her with this project, and I started working, filled with excitement. We started choosing the colours for her wedding and the card. After a process with some design proposals we found a design that both the lovely bride and the groom liked.

The card was finished and sent out to friends and family. But this wasn’t the end of the process. We decided to add some additional small wedding features – all with a similar design as the card.

We designed name cards for each guestroom and a schedule to be handed out on the wedding day. A pattern, representing Renee’s & Steve’s date for the wedding, was created. This was also used in different elements in the wedding decor. Now I can proudly share the pictures of the designed wedding card & elements.

You can also have a look at the portfolio: wedding card  &  name-cards | time table.


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